You make decisions every day. What to wear, what to eat, and where to go are just a few examples. These types of decisions may have very little impact on life’s big picture. However, determining when to retire, what investments to make and what type of insurance to purchase can greatly affect your future. Any one of these decisions can ultimately determine how you live in retirement. Med-Care Senior Insurance Solutions provides the following products to help you plan for your future.


Ancillary Insurance Plans

Critical Illness
Today, due to early detection, prevention and advances in medical treatments, the odds of surviving a life altering critical condition are better than ever. For many of us, surviving such an illness can bring serious financial and emotional hardships—especially if that illness leads to a stay in an Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home while recuperating. This is where Guarantee Trust Life's Critical Care Policy can help.
Dental, Vision and Hearing
Your teeth, eyesight, and hearing are a part of your quality of life. Med-Care Senior Insurance has products to assist you in the cost associated with protecting all three of these assets.
Short Term Recovery
Unexpected injury or illness can quickly drain your savings and retirement funds. We can help cover these costly expenses while you recover in a Nursing or Assisted Living Facility or for expenses related to Home Health Care, Adult Daycare, or Hospice Care.
Hospital Indemnity Benefit
Rising medical expenses can be overwhelming. Hospital indemnity benefits can help provide a safe harbor for you and your family and are designed to supplement your current health insurance plan and fill some of the co-payments, deductibles or coverage gaps you would be responsible for should you need care.
While many positive steps have been made in cancer research, cancer treatments can be very expensive. Do you have the funds to pay for the hospital expenses, treatments and prescriptions should you be diagnosed with cancer? Unfortunately we live in an age where Cancer is prevalent. A cancer plan can help with the financial burden when a person receives a pathological diagnosis of internal cancer or malignant melanoma. This is a one time benefit, paid directly to you, to use how you see fit.
Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is available for a wide variety of concerns, from delays or cancellation of your trip to medical and evacuation services. Frequently, travelers who are looking for plans end up buying comprehensive travel insurance plans.

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