Ancillary Products Training

It's always good to have a year-round revenue stream and be able to build on that every single day. Hospital Indemnity, Final Expense, Critical Illness and other ancillary products can do that for you. Those of you that currently do that type of business can attest to that fact. You get paid quickly and there's little or no certifications required. It's a good deal.

Over the next couple of months Med-Care will be offering webinars addressing each of these opportunities with carriers that we work with, trust, and support us. We have attached a "Webinars and Events Calendar" (below), and as we get closer to the actual dates of the webinars we will send emails with the appropriate links.

If you are not contracted with us for any of the carriers on the calendar, please call or email Tessa at 855-633-8899 or for contracting information. We will record and repeat these webinars as necessary. If you have additional requests for other products, please just let us know.

Additionally, we will be continuing our "Medicare 101 Boot Camp" (1.5 day event) for new brokers as well as those that simply want or need a refresher. Good news! We are expanding the "Boot Camp" into the Lubbock, Las Cruces, and Roswell markets as we continue to expand our Broker community.

Webinars and Events Calendar
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Thank you!

Dan Vincent, Terry Tucker and Eric Arnold
Med-Care Senior Insurance Solutions

Using Jacquie Lawson e-cards

We’re all told the best way to keep clients is to stay in contact with them on a regular basis. Would you like a remarkably easy and inexpensive way to do that almost automatically?

The best idea I have discovered that seems to be almost unknown in our business is Jacquie Lawson e-cards. ( Why?

Cost $14/year or $20/2 years.

399 classy e-cards available.

Reminds you of birthdays in advance and lets you schedule for any occasion to send automatically so your time investment is minimal.

My family, friends and clients love the fact I remembered them and more often than not send thank you replies.

Check them out for yourself. I think you will be glad you did.

Ron Bettner
Med-Care Senior Insurance Solutions