Understanding How Your 2018 Medicare Plan Works

The 2018 Annual Enrollment Period is approaching rapidly and the team at Med-Care Senior Insurance Solutions wants to make sure your members understand how their plans work. As a Medicare Agent, it is not enough to explain only the cost of the plan and the doctors involved. Members need a complete understanding of their Medicare Health Plan to ensure that they will have all the benefits afforded them by their selection.

According to a 2017 J.D. Power Survey, just half of member completely understand how their plan works. Industry-wide, just 54% of Medicare Advantage plan members say they completely understand how their plan works. When it comes to the cost for prescription drugs, fewer people understand how this works compared with 2016.

It is imperative that our agents dig deeper with our members and help them to understand all facets for their plans. Working with them on questions, being accessible by phone or email after signing up a member and following up with members throughout the year with current updates on plans are all good ways to ensure a positive member experience.

The team here at Med-Care Senior Insurance Solutions is always available to help our agents and our members with any questions they may have in regard to Medicare benefits. Please contact us at 855-633-8899 or visit our website at www.med-careaz.com.